Karl Berger: In a Moment: Music For Piano and Strings (2018) Founder of the Creative Music Studio and a close collaborator of Don Cherry, Ornette Coleman, Gato Barbieri, Anthony Braxton and so many more, Karl Berger is a master musician and one of the pioneers of creative music. The third and final CD in his trilogy for Tzadik features fourteen tracks spanning a wide variety of moods. Karl’s gorgeous string arrangements are highlighted here in this beautiful and soulful suite of music for piano and strings Available on Tzadik, amazon, iTunes  

Adam Rudolph: Morphic Resonances (2017) Momenta String Quartet, Kaoru Watanabe (fl) and Marco Cappelli (gtr), Sana Nagano (vio), Odense Percussion Group, Kammeratorkestret Ensemble. Available on Target, amazon, bandcamp

Sana Nagano Trio: Inside the Rainbow (2014) Sana Nagano (Vio), Karl Berger (Vibraphone), John Ehlis (Gtr) Available on bandcamp, Itunes, amazon, CD Baby




John Ehlis Ensemble: In This Lifetime John Ehlis (Gtr, Mandolin, Fl), Sylvain Leroux (Fl), Sana Nagano (Vio), Eloisa Manera (Vio), Amalia Lopez Chueca (Cello), Mikko Innanen (Sax), Yasuno Katshuki (Euphonium), Karl Berger (Pn, Vib), Max John son (Bs), Kresten Osgood (Dr), Chris White III (Dr), Glen Fittin (Perc) Available on CD Baby, bandcamp


Harvey Valdes Trio": Pointcounterpoint Harvey Valdes (Gtr), Sana Nagano (Vio), Joe Hertenstein (Dr) Available on CD Baby



Rocco John Iacovone: Peace and Love Rocco John Iacovone (Sax), Ras Mosche Burnett (Sax), Sana Nagano (Vio), Michael Lytle (Bs. Cl), Rich Rosenthal (Gtr), Phil Sirois (Bs), John Pietaro (Perc), Dalius Naujo (Dr) Available on Unseen Records


Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut: Things Jeffrey Shurdut (Sax), Sean Sonderegger (Sax), Kevin Shea (Dr), Harvey Valdes (Gtr), Lester St. Louis (Cello), Sana Nagano (Vio), Marcus Cummins (Sax) Available on Itunes




Jeffrey Hayden Shurdud: The Music of Everything Jeffrey Shurdut (Sax), Kevin Shea (Dr), Matt Luczak (Synth), John Letman (Bs), Landon Knoblock (Synth), Sana Nagano (Vio) Available on Itunes