"Nagano's violin is clean, cutting, sinewy, regal, magical." John Pietaro, the Cultural Worker
"There is something magical here, an unforced sublime unfolding like flowers reaching for the sun" Bruce Gallanter, the Downtown Music Gallery
"Avant-Garde, but not in a pushy in-your-face-way." Dave Sumner, Bird is the Worm


Articles on personal projects

The Cultural Worker by John Pietaro

Bird is the Worm by Dave Sumner

Downtown Music Gallery by Bruce Gallanter


Articles on collaborations

Harvey Valdes Trio-All About Jazz, Glenn Astarita

Harvey Valdes Trio-Gapplegate Guitar and Bass Blog, Grego Applegate Edwards

Harvey Valdes Trio-Expose, John Davis

Harvey Valdes Trio-Guitar Moderne

Jeffrey Shurdut-The Music of Everything-Free Jazz Collective, Paul Acquaro

Karl Berger's Improvisers' Orchestra-Lucid Culture

Karl Berger's Improvisers' Orchestra-Lucid Culture 2